Bio - Mass Pellet Fired Burner

We are presenting proven & efficient series

Bio-Mass Pellet Fired Burner

We are presenting proven & efficient series of bio-mass pellet fired burners.

This is basically European concept for environment friendly combustion heating process.

    Why eco-friendly? Because pellets are made from wood & agri-waste, which are:

  • Renewable source of energy.
  • Carbon neutral fuel.
  • No fossil fuel – No Sox or Nox release No Co release.
  • Alternate low-cost source of energy against conventional Oil & Gas.


Management is from qualified technocrats who have rich experience in combustion tech since 10 years. Well organized & established mfg. facility. As an additional service, we are also taking contract to supply fixed rate, over the year and door delivery quality pellet supply on client’s demand anywhere in India.


  • Eco Friendly combustion.
  • Lower cost of fuel compared to oil (HSN/LDO/FO) & Gas (LPG/PNG/CNG/Propane).
  • Minimum 30 to 70% savings in fuel cost is guaranteed.
  • Easy to store, handle and transport.
  • Equal quality, un-interrupted availability of pellets/biomass in all the seasons.
  • Very small ash content as residue after burning.
  • High efficient (90-95% ῄ) controlled combustions.
  • Low Power consumption.
  • Clean & silent operation.
  • Compact Sized installation compared to wood gasifier.
  • Very few modifications are required to replace exiting oil & gas burner.
  • Offer fantastic financial benefits.
  • It’s easy and hassle-free to get your burner serviced, maintained and cleaned.


Continuous significant increase in prices of liquid & gaseous fuel is increasing interest on lot of cheaper, alternative sources of energy everywhere. We are glad to offer our range of Burners at Flame India, allow you to effectively burn renewable fuel I.e. wood pellets. The relatively low price of Bio-Fuels can save up to 50% in fuel costs.

Wood Pellets

Pellets are formed by compressing the saw dust/agri raw material at high pressure, without any chemical adhesive. Pellet fuel is environment friendly and also easy to transport, to store and to distribute. They are characterized by allowing moisture content, low ash and they are not harmful to the environment as carbon neutral fuel and they are having high energy value.


These products are proven out-come of our in-depth R&D efforts and it can be useful as cheaper heating solution at Stream boilers, Thermic fluid heaters, Hot air generators, Hot water generators, Bakery ovens, Asphalt batch-mix plants, Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical, Namkeen Industries, Printing and many more industries.


GCV Kcal/kg 4100 ± 2%
Ash % % <3-4%
Moisture % % <10
Bulk Density Kg/m3 600-730


Calorific value (Kcal) 4100 12000 10200 9100
Rate (Rs)** 14-max 64 49 95
Equivalent pellet consumption 2.9 2.5 2.2
Cost of Pellet (Rs) 40 33 33
Tentative savings (Rs) 24 16 62
Savings in % 37% 33% 65%


  • Colorful touch screen PLC control.
  • Graphical display: Large graphical display ensures un-interrupted operation of the unit.
  • Large fonts & icons: Make easy to operate.
  • Password based setting Data: Allows only authorized persons to change setting parameters.
  • Detailed homepage: Shows set temp, actual temp, run time of burner, running pellet consumption, total consumption of the day and many more.
  • Auto, manual & test mode operations: Facilitate operator to control all situations.
  • Simple operation and less labor force. Whole system can be easily operated by one person.
  • PDI controlled modulation system.
  • VFD driven proper Air-Fuel ration control system.
  • Fuse & relay based safety features.
  • Alarm hooter for low fuel warning system.
  • Socket connector type plug & play system for ease of installation.
  • Additional controls for semi auto and manual system.
  • All proven and branded hardware we use in control panel.
  • Reasonable design and longer service life. Scientific structural design makes longer service life.

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